In 2008, Holy Cross Church has acquired many achievements by God’s Grace. Details given below.
1. Shrine
The Eparchial Bishop Mar. James Pazhayattil, diocese of Irinjalakuda has declared and promoted on 28 October 2008 Maparanam Holy Cross Church to the status of a Shrine on 01-12-2008 onwards. This is the first and only one recognized Shrine of Irinjalakuda diocese
2. Permanent Pictorial Cancellation
The Thiruvananthapuram postal circle of Postal Department of India has sanctioned the permanent pictorial cancellation with the name of ‘Holy Cross Church Mapranam and the picture of Candles’ for Madayikonam Post Office on 10 September 2008. Earlier, Postal Department of India has released Special Cover with the picture and name of Holy Cross Church Mapranam and Special Pictorial Cancellation with the picture of Candles on 02. 09.2007.
3. Guinness Record
We made a flaming image using candles on 08-09-08 by Marsleeva Association of Rural Guidance (MARG). It is the World’s Largest Flaming Image and it acquired a Guinness Record Certificate. (Ref: Guinness World Records Book 2010 Page No. 130)
4. Global World Records
Global World Record has provided FOUR Global World Record Certificates for the largest candle in India, the world largest flaming image using 30,500 candles, the world largest candle cross and the world heaviest candle exhibition 1 kg. to 100 kg. continuously.
5. Limca Records
MARG has achieved FOUR Limca Records the year 2007 onwards. MARG made the largest candle in India and got a Limca record. The Candle weighs 1079kg, 22 ft in height, 18-inch diameter and has 56.52 inch circumference was manufactured by Marsleeva Association for Rural Guidance- MARG on 31 August 2007 and installed in Holy Cross Church Mapranam for a long time. (Ref: Limca Book of Records 2008 Page No.65). However, now, the Limca authorities granted two Limca records for the largest flaming Image using 30,500 candles and for the largest image of a Cross on 8 September 2008. (Ref: Limca Book of Records 2010 Page No.34). On August 30, 2010 MARG made fourth Limca record on the category of ‘Huge Candle Exhibition’. The exhibited candles were 100 in number and weighed continuously 1 kg to 100 kg.
6. Festival Area
The Health Department of Kerala Government has declared festival area on 6 September 2008 from 12 to 15 September in connection with the main feast of Holy Cross Church, which surrounds 5 km and has extended to 10 km on 10.09.2009
7. Gazette Notifications
The Kerala Government published in its official gazettes on 08.09.2008, 15.06.2009 & 17.09.2009 about Holy Cross Church, Mapranam and its festival on Sept. 2008. (Gazette Extraordinary no. 1973 dt. 08.09.2008, Gazette Extraordinary no. 1078 dt. 15.06.2009 & Gazette Extraordinary no. 1678 dt. 17.09.2009)
8. Destination Board
The Kerala Public Works Department had sanctioned to install seven destination boards with the name of Holy Cross Church, Mapranam at various places of Shornnur-Kodungalloor State highway on Oct.2008.
9. Guinness World Records Website
Holy Cross Church, Mapranam has included in the Guinness World Record website on 8 September 2008 by the authorities of Guinness World Records. Google (,,
10. Historical Pilgrim Centre
The Thrissur District Tourism Promotion Council of Kerala Government Tourism Department had declared Holy Cross Church, Mapranam on 12 Sept. 2008 as a Historical Pilgrim Centre.
11. Tourism Website
The Kerala Government had included Holy Cross Church, Mapranam in the official website of Tourism Department as a Pilgrim centre on 12 Sept. 2008. (
12. Tourism Map
Holy Cross Church, Mapranam has been included in the official Tourism Map of Thrissur district and in the World Tourism Map on 12 Sept. 2008 by Kerala Government Tourism Department.
13. Tourism Festival
The Thrissur District Tourism Promotion Council of Kerala Government Tourism Department also declared on 12 September 2008, the main feast (The Exaltation of Holy Cross of every September) of Holy Cross Church is entertained as Tourism festival of Kerala.
14. Commemorative Postage Stamp
Postal Department of the Central Government of India has released Commemorative Postage Stamp on “Holy Cross Church”, Mapranam on 14 September 2009 with the picture of Church and Candles. Holy Cross Church Mapranam is the only Church in Kerala honored in this kind among all the Christian Rites and the only Syro-Malabar Church all over the world.
15. Antiques
Mapranam Holy Cross Church has many antiques such as Teak Beam (seelanthi) which was made out of a single teak trunk about 700 years back, Pulpit , Italian Church Bell (was made in the Portuguese Era), Palm Leaves (in the period of Kingship), Old Map of East India Company that has marked the Church, a special Cross made by jack wood with Hindu architecture before 1081 years, statues of Saints made by wood and old paintings, rock furniture and pillars, Suriyani Books(Holy Mass Books in Syrian), old Holy vestments, etc.
16. Registered Societies & Trust
Holy Cross Church Mapranam has 3 government registered charitable societies and one Trust ie. Social Welfare Centre, Mapranam, Marsleeva Association for Rural Guidance (MARG), Marsleeva Cultural Organisation (MASCO). The main purpose of Social Welfare Centre is supply lift irrigation to farmers from 1971 onwards. Marsleeva Association for Rural Guidance (2005) is manufacturing small & huge candles and it has Central Government Trademark registration. ‘Margadeepam’ is the brand name of candles and obtained Kerala Khadi & Village industries Board Recognition. Marsleeva Cultural Organisation (2006) is promoting fine arts and conducting cultural programs. Marsleeva Kuries managed by Holy Cross Trust (2008).
17. Utsavam
Holy Cross Church Mapranam was one of the Venues of Kerala Arts Festival (Utsavam) on 27 February 2010, ‘Chavittu Nadakam’ will be played at the Parish Hall of Holy Cross Church Mapranam at 6.30 p.m. This program will be conducted by Kerala Government Tourism Department.
18. Tourism Brochure
The Kerala Government Tourism Department has included in the new edition of the Tourism Brochure about Holy Cross Church Mapranam.
19. Tourism Festival Calendar
The Tourism Department of Kerala Government has included the Feast of Holy Cross Church Mapranam on 12-15 of every September in the official website of Tourism Festival Calendar (
20. Patta Book
The Kerala Home Affairs Department issued a ‘Patta Book” that means Beat Book to Holy Cross Church Mapranam for security reasons.
21. Lottery Draw
Lottery Department of Kerala has taken lottery ticket draw at Holy Cross Church Mapranamon 9 June 2008.
22. Organisations
C.L.C. Senior, C.L.C. Junior, C.L.C. Professional, St. Vincent De-Paul Society, Franciscan Almaya Sabha, Legion of Mary, Jesus Youth Boys, Jesus Youth Girls, Mothers Unit, Prayer Groups, Choir, Altar Boys, Social Action Unit, Self Help Groups, Social Welfare Centre, Marsleeva Association for Rural Guidance (MARG), Marsleeva Cultural Organisation (MASCO), Holy Cross Trust (Marsleeva Kuries), and Holy Voice contribute to the spiritual, ethical, social, cultural and material developments of the Shrine.
23. Marsleeva Arcade - Commercial and Residential Complex
Holy Cross Church has purchased 27 cents of Land on 12 October 2006 along the Shornnur – Kodungallur State High Way adjacent to the Cross Chapel at Cross Junction, Mapranam for the construction of a four-storey building. Two storeys of the building has already constructed, the ground floor is specially constructed for shops and the first floor is for office purpose or banks. The building was inaugurated on 5 September 2008. The second and third floors are meant for eight residential apartments. The completion of the Marsleeva Arcade would result in the fulfillment of the main dream of the Church and in great development.
24. Marsleeva Cultural Centre (Snehanjali)
Snehanjali is the Auditorium of Holy Cross High School and Parish Hall of Holy Cross Shrine of Mapranam. The 12000 sq. ft. hall is mainly used for School Purposes. The Façade of Snehanjali is a model of American White House.. It was inaugurated on 29thApril, 2006 by Bishop Mar James Pazhayattil, Irinjalakuda Diocese.
25. St. Mary’s Grotto
St. Mary’s Grotto was constructed in front of the church and blessed on 4 June 2006. It is a combination of ancient and modern architecture.
26. Stone Cross and Stone Lamps
The Stone Cross and Stone Lamps were constructed right in front of the Church and blessed on 14 April 2006 (Good Friday). It is 21 ft. height and 11 ft. width. Stone Lamps were erected on the left and right sides of Stone Cross. While lighting the lamps at evening, the splendor from the Cross, enlighten and pacify the minds of the devotees who are suffering grievances.
27. St. Rose Chapel
St. Rose Chapel was constructed in front of the Church at the same time, the Church was constructed ie. 928 A.D. It is an ancient model construction and St. Rose is the idol of consecration.
28. Cross Chapel
Cross Chapel (St. John Chapel) was constructed besides the Shornur – Kodungallur state highway on 928 A.D. with the ancient model architecture and in front of the old chapel, a three-storey chapel was constructed in 1978. The main idol of the chapel is St. John Nepuncian and the world famous Candle Lighting is done here. The candle lighting began during the era of the Church. At the beginning stage, worshippers lit bee wax candles and used different oils for “Thiritheliekkel” (Candle lighting). Devotees began lighting huge candles since 1986.
29. Infant Jesus Chapel
A chapel was constructed in the name of Infant Jesus at Mapranam junction near the south boundary of Mapranam Parish. It was blessed on 9 September 1995.
30. St. Xavier’s L.P. School
Fr. Anthony Kavungal, former Vicar, founded a school at Mapranam in 1905 for Holy Cross Church Mapranam and named it Holy Cross L.P. School. Then, the school was handed over to the government due to lack of funds to manage. Years later, Fr. Abraham Pulikel, former Vicar, received the school from the government on 19 May 1938 and got it transferred to Karuvannur Convent of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. They renamed it to St. Xavier’s L.P. School and managed it from 1 June 1938 onwards.
31. Holy Cross High School
The government aided educational Institution managed by Holy Cross Shrine, Mapranam and founded on 1984. In 2009. the school celebrated it’s SILVER JUBILEE. More than five hundred pupils are studying here with 20 teachers and 5 non-teaching staff are working here. Expect for one or two academic years, the school acquires 100 percentage pass and it is the BEST school in Porathissery Grama Panchyat, Irinjalakuda Diocese’s Corporate Educational Agency, Irinjalakuda Educational District and Thrissur Revenue District. The Vicar & Rector of Holy Cross Shrine is the Manager of Holy Cross High School.
32. Pope John Paul II Memorial Pallimeda
The Pallimeda is constructed in 2004 and it consists the Shrine’s office, Rector’s office & bed room, store, conference hall and visitor’s & guest’s room. The total carpet area of the pallimeda is 4040 sq.ft. in two storeys and it is named in memory of POPE JOHN PAUL II
33. United Nations Organizations – Commemorative Stamp
A letter received from Mr. Robert Gray, the Chief of United Nations Postal Administration on 19 February 2010 that Holy cross Shrine Church Mapranam is considered to issue Commemorative Stamp of 2012 – 2013 programs.
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